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Most popular Router's Username and Password for
  • admin/password

Why use private network in 192.168 range?

Private Network is a common practice in company and classical user but less for them. It's not necessary to have public address for each element. Futhermore, public address can change anytime when we reset router when private address is static most of the time. Plus, lack of public IPV4 Address tend to increase popularity of private IP Address.

How to login in 5 Steps

1. Check Default Credentials

Access your Router Panel with IP address will allow you to change the settings that your Router brand provides, like Huawei, Linksys, TP-Link, Asus ... To do that, verify behind your router manual to get defaut login of IP Address

2. Launch cmd Software

Jump to Fifth step if you have already you Default Gateway IP Address. Otherwise Launch command software. Here, we take Windows for example. Search in search bar on Windows the word "cmd" and click on "Command Prompt" like picture bellow

3. Get Default Gatewap IP Address with specific Command

Now, write on cmd "ipconfig" and tap enter. If you are on Linux or macOS, write "ifconfig". Once it's done, look at "Default Gateway" section like picture bellow. If you're connected to Ethernet, check on "Ethernet" section else "Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi" part. It's this IP Address --> Good you've probably right!

4. What is your default IP Address?

It is If you click on the button below and if it's doesn't work, may be you should try to connect on another because of your anti virus in some cases. You can temporarily turn off your anti virus to Access your Admin panel on

5. You have Default IP Gateway

Once you know your default IP Address, try to click on the LOGIN button underneath. If you don't have defaut credentials to login, jump to Router Username and Password List to find YOUR default credentials. Check your Router brand and model behind and come back here te select right Brand and Model.

If it doesn't work, then is not your router's IP address. Once you know your router's IP address, introduce it into your browser's URL Address. You'll be directed to the user login panel. There introduce your router user and password.

If you forgot your username and password you can follow these instructions to recover them. If you haven't changed the default user and password that comes with the router you can consult our router default usernames and passwords list. Once you're in the router's admin panel you'll be able to modify and change all internet settings.

Enter instead of

The is wrong, the correct IP is It doesn't matter, you should just enter the correct IP which is is a Private IP Address for use only inside of a Private Network. This IP Address may be utilized with an IP Address, and other many devices. You are trying to find the login for your router? You are in a good place.

Router Username and Password List for

You haven't changed your router's username and password? Sounds good! The following listing affords the Default Credentials. Click your router from the List: Router Admin Passwords and Login IP is an IP address like Linksys, TP-Link and others manufacturers use as an access point or gateway. Firms give router admin access in this address to allow network administrators to configure their routers and networks. Concretely, you can control Security Options, DNS, proxy, LAN, Network Management, IP QoS , WAN, WLAN settings, DSL, ADSL, MAC, WPS block; amongst others.

List of Router's Username and Password

If you haven't changed your router's username and password. The following list provides the default credentials. Click your router from the list below:

Routers using IP Address

I can't find correct IP Address or my Username & Password!

If you're been trouble to access your router at (long loading or not loading at all), your network might be using another addess such as, or In that case check our router IP address list. You can also read our tutorial above to find your router's IP address for more help. Likewise, if you fail to find your crendentials to connect to your Router, i recommand to read your manual, or, ultimately, reset your Router to recover your default Username and Password. Until it't done check above the way to reset te factory settings.

I forgot my router’s Username and Password for IP Address :/ What do I should do?

You Never changed it? Try to find them in the list, in any other case to turn the router back to factory settings, you need to hold on the button for 10 seconds (about) using a needle or toothpick then you will be able to find the defaults credentials for the list!

Login on

Click on the Button below to Access to your Router Panel


Others IP Address:

75 thoughts on “192.168

  1. A right royal stuff-up. NEVER change anything until you can GUARANTEE all possible scenarios have been logically and COMPREHENSIVELY laid out for the users. Hope you guys are not getting paid for this!


  3. I bought the NR5101 which by the way is not on the list as of now.
    I have had no end of problems with this router, i login with the default username & password and i am asked to change the password, then set the time zone, then it goes to the Wi-Fi configure page, then i click done and then i get this pop-up message – “It is impossible to retrieve the information now. Please try again.”
    That’s as far as i can get as it disconnects the Wi-Fi connection, no difference if i try LAN cable.
    The initial download speeds without getting to the management dashboard are bad for both 5G and 4G and the Wi-Fi 6 is flaky at best.
    My conclusion: Total amateurish approach to dashboard management which you can find much better implemented on other routers and initial firmware is also sub-par going by speeds out-of-the-box.
    I could of got a lemon so ordered another and got the same result.
    I will not buy another ZYXEL product, that’s for sure!

  4. It was not that easy to instal, but I found out how to do it!
    If you want to go directly to your log-in, that doesn’t work.
    I came on this page…
    All you have to do, is to take your users manual from your device, there is a network number given.
    scrol to the list below and search your number there, then click on it.
    You come to your page, then click on the link to your log-in.
    You will be directed to your log-in.
    Enter the standard pass words as shown in your user manual of your divice.
    Then enter the pass word of your sim card, after that, the card is activated en now you can use your mobile internet hotspot!
    I hope this info is clear for people who struggle with the instalation.
    I give 4 stars, it was not as easy as it says.

  5. I can’t set up the id and the password. This is really hard to setup. Could you tell me the easy way to setup the password.

  6. I don’t understand this router, I’ve don’t anything I have to do just to change this router username and password but it’s not working. I can’t even find the credentials. why?

  7. I am pretty sure im using the correct Ip address and everytime it shows “CAN’T REACH THIS PAGE”. Help?

  8. Reason I bought this Wi-fi extender because it was advertised as an ‘easy install’. Not for me!! I want to return it.

  9. No matter what I do the router dose not work. I have spent enough time on this product and want to send it back !

    Scam Scam Scam

  11. Be careful not to put in any private tips that can be pinged remotely through your router. I recently bought a new router for one that I was sure a remote portal…I was right!!! However now my new router is flashing and the firewall has been replaced. These ppl are giving us these default iP addresses because they are basically a open source for maleware and apps DLed from GPS,however keep check on your android webkit app that’s how they enter your phone.

  12. I am having the same problem as the other commenters here. I believe this is a scam, and I am reporting this device as such. I would ask for my money back since this doesn’t work at all (will not allow you to sign on), but since it is obviously a scam I know that is just wishful thinking.
    Thanks for wasting my time and money.

  13. This must be a scam. There is no place to log in. All it wants to do is download software and new drivers. I don’t trust them. On the other side am I doing something wrong?

  14. WOW after reading those comments o think 🤔 just wasted my time and money with this internet extender WOW WOW can’t connect to internet after I did the setup

  15. I have new internet and cannot get the HP printer attached to this new internet. HELP IN SIMPLE LANGUAGE.

  16. This peace of shit doesn’t work at all, its all a scam. its not able to connect at all in tried everything but nothing worked!
    whom ever is planning on buying this just don’t, its waste of your time and money thrown!!!!!!!

  17. I have had issues with my internet for months. I was told the cable needed replaced and was then advised to try a new modem. I have the new modem, it is not working any better but I can not get to the event log now. How do I get to the event log. Please advise.

  18. got a wi fi extender everything is working fine but when i try to log in with my routers password it comes back incorrect password i know the password is right i took it off the label on the router, could you help

  19. i can’t open it.
    whats the problem… its says that it cannot be reached the site~ what happened?

  20. Riddle me this, Do all or a batch of routers have the same log in number I thought they were unique and each had their own, that mine was special. Seeing all of you expressing that you’ve forgotten the log in and password. And seek a way to bypass security. I was thinking all of your are fucking with my internet. So someone please tell me, do multiple routers share the same #’s, or are these people really screwing with my internet. Cause a lot of these request are done around the same same dates & times when I changed passwords.

  21. i just realsed that you need to go on the login on thing and then look at the back or where ever your label is on your wifi and look on it if you see somthing like
    for example everything is on the back of your wifi
    i am glad i found mine
    hope this help if you dont understant you can just reply

  22. When I typed 192.168.027 into my router it says it refused to connect and couldn’t reach the page.

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