White Noise to Easily Put Your Baby to Sleep

Why can a noise help put a baby to sleep?

  1. Simulation of the intrauterine environment: White noise is similar to the sounds that the baby heard in the womb, which is a noisy environment. This can create a sense of security and comfort, helping the baby to calm down and fall asleep.
  2. Masking of background noises: White noise is effective in covering other noises that can wake or disturb the baby’s sleep. This can be particularly useful in noisy environments or if there are other children in the house.
  3. Support of the sleep cycle: White noise can also help to maintain quality sleep, as it provides a constant noise that can help regulate the baby’s sleep cycle.

Notes Regarding White Noise

  1. The volume of the white noise should not exceed a certain level in order to avoid damaging the baby’s hearing. The recommended decibel level not to exceed is about 75 decibels.
  2. White noise can be really effective in helping a baby sleep well through the night, but it’s preferable that they do not become too accustomed to this condition for falling asleep, otherwise they might have difficulties drifting off to sleep in the absence of this seemingly magical noise.
White Noise to Easily Put Your Baby to Sleep

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